GCG Schedule of Events

You must be present at the safety meeting to shoot the match
Regular Shoot / Match Sign up 8:00 am 9:30 am

Mandatory Safety Meeting 9:45 am - If you are NOT present for the Safety meeting YOU CANNOT SHOOT

Waivers are required to register and shoot the match
No Lunch is available at this site, water will be available

Our 2020 Shooting Schedule is:

  • April 11: Monthly Shoot Canceled

  • May 9&10: Monthly Shoot & Wild West Weekend

  • May 30: New Shooter Day

  • June 13: Monthly Shoot

  • July 9-12: North Star Showdown

  • July 31 - Aug 2: Return to Agua Verde

  • August 8: Monthly Shoot

  • August 29: New Shooter Day followed by Cowboys vs Outlaws

  • September 12&13: Monthly Shoot & Wild West Weekend

  • October 3: Make Me Smile Shoot held at Morristown/Cedar Valley Vigilantes

  • Immediately after the match awards/results will be presented on the range